I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Thunderstorms?

Chocolate ice cream

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Today Will had his ice cream party! It was so much fun. But at the end, there were… THUNDERSTORMS!!! Today we also had a pizza party from the fifth grade because they said they wanted it next week. The brain people also came. We got to see real human brains and real animal brains! We also had ERBs. Today we had writing mechanics, writing concepts and skill, and constructed response-Reading comprehension. I think this will be the funnest day this week.



Today we had ERBs. First we did verbal reasoning, then reading comprehension, then auditory comprehension. Some people thought it was boring. 😦 In science we watched a Bill Nye video about skin and then another one about eyeballs. Then we had to draw what our favourite part was.

8th grade breakfast

Timbits, sold by Tim Hortons, are sold in Cana...

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today at 9:15 we went to the 8th grade breakfast club in the multi purpose room and we had doughnut holes and pastries. Yum!!

(Teacher addition: They were limited to two donut holes, and there was lots of fruit and fruit juice.  And we did other things today… Sheesh!)

Davids Dad

Action of the major digestive hormones.

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today davids dad came in and talked to us about the digestive system.  We learned a lot.  We had a lot of fun!

a few photos-“Eraser Head”, book buddies, skeletons

skeleton decorations A.K.A sentences

Human skeleton front tr

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today in science we added sentences to our skeletons and put our skeletons on the big pieces of paper

special guest today

American Owls

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today we had a special guest named Blue.  Blue had a cochelear implant. at the end she played a song called the owls dream.