Today we did some plays in science.  We were in groups and each had  something to teach the rest of the class about the respiratory system.  We also have a play tomorrow.  REMEMBER TO COME!

More from teacher about the plays.  Each group had one part of the respiratory system to learn about/present.  The first group taught about the parts of the respiratory system by creating a game: Will the Real Body Part Please Step Forward? (It was interactive. )  The next group did two short humorous skits to show what air is made out of.  The third group focused on the role of the nose.  (It’s not just for breathing.)  David narrated while Siena and Eli played germs and cilia.

Also:  Yay!  Everybody turned in the first drafts of their biographies!  They are very impressive.  You’ll be able to read the final versions at our living wax museums!