For those of you who don’t read the newsletter, here’s a poem that was in this week’s newsletter.  Last week we all wrote Magic Box poems, and I took one line from each to make this.  (Unfortunately, two students were absent, though, so they aren’t represented).

The Magic Box


I will put in my box

The gentle wind of a warm day

The feathery surface of a butterfly’s wing

The wish of a shooting star

A dream I will never forget


I will put in the box


Silver dropped from the sky

The waves from a purple ocean

The movement of stillness where nothing will be


I will put in my box


The juice of a blackberry

A horse riding a knight

The door to writing a poem


My box will hold

A spark from the first fire

The cozy hug of a grandmother

The seed from the first garden


I will keep my box in a spot

where the sun shines golden

on the ground