A couple of days ago we put two eggs in vinegar


Hmmm… bloggers!  What happened?  Guess I have to finish this.

We removed the shells so all that remained was the egg surrounded by a membrane.  Then, to demonstrate osmosis, we put one in water and one in corn syrup.  Osmosis (hopefully your third grader can explain this) is the process where fluid goes in or out of a membrane, from areas of low concentration to areas of high concentration.  So, can you guess what happened to the egg that was soaking in water?  Yes, it got big!  Really big!  And the one in corn syrup?  It lost all the egg white into the corn syrup and became sack-like.  Behold:

So for the fun of it, we’ve switched the eggs back (or tried to… the one that was in water is actually too fat to fit into the jar of corn syrup.)  We also started soaking two more eggs.  Do you have a suggestion as to what to soak those in???


One more thing… Ask your kids about Ladle Rat Rotten Hut.  We had fun with that at the end of the day today.