Today in spanish, we had a spanish party and read our SkippyJon Jones stories. And guess what? Skippyjon(Eli’s dog), came to ‘listen’ to our stories. In social studies, we cut out and glued facts to the correct Native American pictures. In math, we planned out a poster that teaches people about Roman numerals. In computer, we had a free day. In language arts, we worked on our monsters.


PS from speechless teacher… wow!  I can’t believe your generous gift!  I ma so excited to have a laptop!

More… The native American activity involved more than gluing facts–that followed a discussion of primary/secondary sources, and analysis of John White watercolors (a primary source document from about 1600) compared to De Bry’s etchings (a secondary source).

Also, Senora Smith gave the kids cds of their Skippyjon powerpoints.  I’m going to send this before I lose it, but then attempt to post that to a blog entry.