Today we started our Native American projects.



(Teacher note: We were short one blogger and short on time, so the entry is short.  Let me add….  Great start today!  I gave everyone the most basic book I have to start with.  Please consider a trip to the library or bookstore to supplement our research, but wait until after Christmas to get more of a sense of what’s needed.  We’ll be doing this for several months.

On my portaportal site (   then log in as guest with the access code “juliandco”), there are a few websites that will help in the research.  If you find good ones to supplement the list, please let me know and I’ll add them.

The research will be done at school on Tuesdays (plus we’ll add a second day after Christmas).  We would welcome volunteers to help during that time–I’ll send out information about that in a bit.  Some kids are already asking to work at home, and that’s fine with me.  I haven’t laid out a timeline, but usually we spend about three months on this report.  Lots more information will be forthcoming by email….