1.Today we kept doing friendship in philosophy.

2.We kept doing fun math like 95 x 96. See if you can solve this: 97 x 98

3.We had a fun free time.

4.In Art most of us finished our animal tiles!

Come see our poster when we announce it!

The above was written by this week’s wonderful bloggers, D and R.  They asked me to post instructions for doing the trick for multiplying, so I’m adding that.  These instructions probably won’t make sense…

If the number is lower than a target number (in the above problem, it’s lower than 10) put the number needed to make that target in a circle below.

For example, in 97 x 95, you’d write it like this:

97    95

3        5

Then cross subtract to get 92.  The first two digits of the answer are 92.

Then multiply the numbers below the problem.   Here, it’s 3 x 5, so it’s 15.  15 is the last two digits of the answer… so 97 x 95 is 9215.  Some students can do it all rapidly in their heads!!!

If you’re doing numbers Above 100, you put the difference between the number and 100 Above the numbers.

Take 105 x 107

you’d write

5              7

105   x 107

next, cross Add… you get 112.  Put two zeroes at the end so you get 11200.

Then add 35 (5 times 7) = 11235

Cool, huh?

Have a great weekend!