Today the students wrote book reviews for our first book, Everest, (written alone, with a partner, or with a small group) and I just attempted to post them to Amazon.  The site only took one, and then wouldn’t let me post another.  Rats!  They’re all good!

I’m going to post them all here.  I recommend you take the one written by your child and post it to Amazon yourself.  I searched for “Everest the contest” and then went to the one that has no picture.  (The one with a picture is for a used copy.)

Here are the reviews, separated by number of stars:

5 star reviews

Everest is a fast paced, witty book.  Adults will love it.  Children will love it.  Anyone whose age is between 7 and 70 will love it.  There are plenty of great characters and action.  The end leaves you in suspense so you’ll want to read books 2 and 3. (J)

This book is breathtaking because there’s a little violence and a lot things being extreme, and it’s fun to read.  The characters are very courageous as they set out to Everest.  There is one kid that will blow your mind.  He might be small, but he is fearless.  He is 13 but an awesome climber. (R, L)

I really liked Everest.  It was emotional, it was breathtaking.  It left you hanging so much, it was impossible to put down.  I was a little disappointed when they did not climb Everest in one book and I had to wait for the second.  There’s a great mix of mean, harsh, and nice characters.  My favorite parts were the Mushroom and Lucifer’s Claw.  It made me want to climb Everest.  All in all, I loved it.  I recommend you read it! (Y)

I would recommend reading it because it is terrific and a bit scary, all mixed into a breathtaking terrific boo.  Also Dominic, the main character, is very brave. But I shouldn’t give anything away! My favorite scene is at Lucifer’s Claw. (L)

Once I read it, it made me want to read it again and again.  I like how it is so detailed.  It made me want to be there. (A, E)

(Spoiler) Everest is a breath taking, heart touching book.  A small boy called Dominic enters a summit contest.  Who will be the youngest person ever to conquer Everest?  Because Dominic is small, Cap Cicero tries to cut him from the team three times, but Dominic was proven to be a great climber.  So Dominick makes the team but his brother doesn’t.  After saving his fellow climber from death, Cap Cicero is positive he’s ready for Everest. (S)

4 star review

If you want a really good book, read Everest.  It’s exciting and fun with a terrific mix of characters and an amazing plot.   It will draw even the most negative readers into loving this this wonderful book. ( S, N. and D)

3 star reviews

It was very confusing but good, also.  If you don’t allow not-nice words, don’t let your children read this book.  It still is pretty adventurous, but some people still do get hurt and eliminated.  It would be good for adventurous readers.  It is fiction but it feels like you’re inside the book, climbing the highest mountain in the world.  There are some funny parts, depending on what you like.  Still, I think you should read it. (C and T)

(Spoiler) Tilt was kind of mean to everyone except Cap.  People did get hhurt in the story, and there are some “I hate you’s”, too.  The dead sea sand never made it on top of Everest.  One o the characters was a sleepwalker.  My favorite character is Dominic. (A)

2 star review

I didn’t really like the book because of all the bullies picking on Dominic and to me it just didn’t have a lot of adventure in it.  I think I will like the other books better. (W)