First class writing:  The assignment was to write one great sentence, beginning with the words, “And then I…”  (I didn’t tell the students what I was writing or that we would combine their sentences into a story).

Here was the first story that resulted:

I was in my flying washing machine when I saw a purple cow water-skiing in the Atlantic Ocean…  And then I gasped in horror. And then I heard the dove sing.  And then I saw a gorilla and I jumped 50 feet high. And then I jumped off a cliff. And then I went to the grocery store.  And then I won a pizza party.  And then I jumped on the trampoline.  And then I stopped the car at the stoplight.  And then I swam to China.  And then I went to the pizza place.  And then I played with my great dog Napoleon, who just ate a whole pie.  And then I went to my horseback riding lesson and had an awesome time with my horse.  And then I threw a party!  And then I took a step, again and again, getting closer, but farther, each time.

The end.

And here’s the second:

I was playing in the Peabody School playground when the sky turned dark.  I looked up and saw a flock of elephants flying toward me…

And then I fainted and saw stars. And then I saw the Devil. And then I took a walk and walked into a pole.  And then I ate something with spice and blasted 150 ft. into the air.  And then I flipped on my table.  And then I jumped through a basketball hoop.  And then I ate 600 pies and a gorilla appeared.  And then I went to Camp Wak-lo.  And then I rode a tiger.   And then I ate a popsicle that tried to jump out of my mouth.  And then I ate some macaroni and peas pizza.  And then I dressed up Napoleon and he started dancing and talking.   And then I saw robot jumping off a cliff.  And then I found a naked singularity and I got into the right and traveled to the future (which is actually scientifically possible) and got stck in the futre.  But they had a time machine so I got back into it and sold the time machine and got a hundred billion dollars.  And then I saw, to my disbelief, my pencil got up, poked me on the nose, and flew away.

The end.