LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! (This time it actually is.)

Today was the last day of school!! It was very fun. First we had morning meeting and said what we would remember about third grade when we were 20. Then we had breakfast. We had fruit, donuts, blueberry muffins, and more. After that we did “stuff.” First we did a word search that David gave to Ms. G and each of us got to find our own names and other words. After that we got to make each other certificates to practice graduation. After that we told jokes. (They were funny!) and then after that, finally, we did graduation.




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To answer that question: yes AND no. First-I say yes because it wasn’t the last REAL day of school, but it was the last full day of school. I say no because of the same thing I said for the 1st one. Today we also had two PEs because Ms. Nash was gone last friday. For the 1st one we played dodgeball and for the 2nd one we played freeze tag and capture the flag. Today in everything that were not specials or or recess/lunch or snack we had “stuff.” First we had to write “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs” in cursive, and then we did speed writing. Some people improved a lot (Ms. G saved our samples from Sept. 3), others improved by one word, and some did less. Next we cleaned our desks. After that we played games and they were fun. TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!!

Mrs. Rivera?

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Today Summer and N. B. dressed up Mr. Rivera. It was very funny. Summer, Lucia, Siena, Yanni, and Linnea had the Manny Gaming Manithon!! “Let me have a treasure or I’ll curse you,” Summer said. In art we finished our observation and invention projects. In P.E. we played soccer. In computer we had a free day. In french we played hangman and another game where there were words and two people had fly swatters and Madame said a word and one person had to slap their fly swatter on the word. TODAY WAS A REALLY FUN DAY!!!!!!

P.S. Today was our last regular day of school!!!


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Today we had our class party! Thurston’s mom made up the games. It was very fun. The games were Toss, Sack Races, Water Balloon Fight, Belly Races, and The Three Legged Race. We had pizza, popsicles, watermelon, veggies, and cherries. We also played in the river and had a lot of fun and dirty socks. Thanks to Fleming and Charity for making this happen!!

Talent Show-Half 1

Today we had the first half of our talent show. Eli, Charlie, and Thurston sang a song called “HOT TAMALE.”  N. played 2 songs on the piano and Siena did too. A. played 4 songs on the clarinet. Siena also painted a tree. In philosophy we talked about freedom.

(Teacher’s addition:  Many students finished their skeletons and they’re hanging up in random spots–wherever I could find space.  Come see them on Tuesday before I take them down and send them home Wednesday.  The first photo above shows the kids during Discovery, and it shows the creative desk arrangement.  After we finished ERB’s, I let the kids put the desks any way they chose.  Ask about it.  It’s an interesting obstacle course…

ERBs Are Finally Over!!!!!!!!!!

You heard it-ERBs are finally over!!!! 🙂 We are also very energetic today! We also worked on our 10 things (that’s where we write one nice thing about everyone in the class.) In music we sang “The Juniper Tree” and the boys hated it.  In computer we had a free day and we also did Discovery.


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Today Brian, a disabled person, came in to talk to us about having disabilities. There were a lot of questions. We also had more ERBs. 😦 There is only 1 MORE DAY OF ERBs LEFT!! 🙂 Today was also Mr. Rivera’s birthday so we got a free day!!! 🙂